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Mayneord Phillips Summer Schools


Summer School 1999

The Mayneord Philips Trust was founded nine years ago to provide a tangible method of commemorating the pioneering work in medical physics of the late Professor W V Mayneord and Major C E S Philips. The three founding bodies, the British Institute of Radiology, the Institute of Physics, and the (then) Institute of Physical Sciences in Medicine, each nominates three trustees whose main task is to organise biennial Summer Schools for young(ish) researchers in particular areas of physics applied to medicine. Mindful of the research interests of the originators, Summer Schools have normally concentrated on the traditional fields of medical physics. The trustees have the job of determining the topic for each school, but the hard work is given to an expert or experts in the chosen field. This year continued the tradition of previous schools by having the dynamic duo of Professor Dave Hawkes and Dr Derek Hill in charge of it all. All four schools so far have been held at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, alma mater of one of the first trustees, Professor Kit Hill. This is a very satisfactory venue for several reasons; Oxford is popular with overseas students and lecturers, St. Edmund Hall provides accommodation, refectories and lecture rooms all in one place, the food is legendary - as are the extensive wine cellars, and it is rather nice to be able to try one's hand at punting or take a trip on an open top bus in any spare moments.

enthusiastic students and faculty members

This year we were fortunate to have excellent weather, enthusiastic students and faculty members, and a follow-up conference on a related topic during the next week. We also have a jolly bunch of trustees at present who managed to enliven proceedings at the official Summer School dinner. Despite the high quality of the wines and spirits, the chairman, Professor Colin Barber even managed to entertain the company with a relevant speech! Having been given the task of providing records of the Summer School for various learned journals, I succeeded in delegating each day to a different student. Their accounts that follow demonstrate well some of the benefits of such a concentrated period of study. In addition, they have emerged as a group from all around the world who will keep in touch about research problems and interests over the years.

Angela Newing

Organised by:

David Hawkes, PhD
Derek Hill, PhD
Guy's, King's & St Thomas' Medical and Dental Schools of King's College London
Ken Young, PhD
Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford
David Dance,PhD
The Royal Marsden NHS Trust, London

Faculty members (in addition to the organisers) include:

  • Professor Mike Brady, Engineering Science, Oxford Professor
  • Jo Hajnal, Hammersmith Hospital, London
  • Professor Mark Henkelman, Toronto, Canada
  • Dr. Alison Noble, Engineering Science, Oxford Professor Bart ter Haar Romeny, University of Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Professor Chris Taylor, University of Manchester
  • Professor Andrew Todd-Pokropek, University College London
  • Dr. ir. Frans Gerritsen, Philips Medical Systems
  • Professor Mike Fitzpatrick, Vanderbilt University, Rochester, NY
  • Dr. Jeff Bamber, Joint Department of Physics, Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital
  • Dr. Min Chen, Department of Computer Science, University of Wales, Swansea

Mayneord-Phillips Trustees, Summer School Students and Faculty July 1999

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